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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Thailand haul 2010 :)

Last October  i went to Thailand so i thought i would make a haul of most of my stuff that i got because i love  seeing other people's haul so i thought i would make one of what i got in thailand 2010. Bangkok is the true place to shop if you are going to thailand just to shop then i would recommend to stay in bangkok for a couple of days to shop :) 

first  up is a mac blusher and a Bobbi brown blusher 
This color is in number 4

                                                    And this color is in number 4 as well  
Next up is some stuff from beauty buffet, beauty buffet is every where in bangkok  mostly in Siam square. I didnt get a lot of stuff there but next time i'am going to thailand i'am very excited to go there as iam willing to buy alot more than i did this time :)
This is a GINO McCRAY Synthetic Face Brush CS26.
and this was 295 baht

These are Anne & Florio Nail Polish the one on the left is in no. sliver 
and the one on the right is in no.y10 these are 65 baht each but you 
get 3 for 100 or 120 baht i did get three i got blue aswell but
i gave it to a friend as a present :) 

 Next is.. eyewear
The left is mac mascara and the right one is Lv mascara

This is a mac palate 

Next up is.. some random other stuff
Lancome juicy tubes from mbk 
These are le Sasha jumbo curl tourmaline 
hair curlers these were 2200 baht from mbk.
This nail varnish is  a nail star two-way nail art 
pen & brush as you can see in the picture
it this coulur i have on my nails a also have some
nail gem i got these at mbk i dont really rember how much 
the were but i got 2 for at-least 100 baht i think 
and i dont rember how muh the gems were but they were quiet cheap.
I did get lot more gems that 2.
These are some jewelery i got from siam ping
in china town it a really good place for wholesales
i got about 6 jewelry for about 500 baht.
This is just a little cute make-up bag i picked up
in siam square for about 20 baht i got it on the side of the road.
This not from thailand i got at Manchester airport at boot
it was only £1.29 so i thought i would pick one up
it smells so good you probably can buy them from thailand at boots.

Last but not least is some clothes and accessorize
  I got this dress at baiyoke out side of center worl
it was only 100 baht so it was really cheap
This is a pashmina scarf from mbk i got two for about 300-600 baht 
i dont really rember how much it was but it was around that price.

This was from baiyoke aswell and i got this 
for 100 baht aswell i got it with a carding
but atm it at my friends.

This is a paul smith vest top and this was 200 baht
and i got this at siam square by the road.

I got two of these glasses at siam square for 100 baht each i think
and i got the other two for 200 baht each i think at baiyoke.
these are gucci glasses from baiyoke

these are gucci glasses aswell from the same place

and the same.
this jimmychoo bag i got from mbk for about 1000 baht 
it is  fake... i wouldn't recommend buying it because 
the metal on the top that hold the handle comes off every time and i have to put i back on.

I hope you enjoyed my haul.. if you now any other great place to shop in thailand ( BBK) comment below thanks .

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